Play Space: Final Design

FOP and its design and construction team is excited to share its final design for Phase I of its renovation of pre-school and kindergarten play space.  This project, the first part of a long-term multi-phased master plan for the renovation, improvement and greening of the area on the southwest side of the school, will include the removal of interior perimeter fencing; removal of existing dead tree; demolition of existing wooden play structures and decrepit asphalt play surface; grading of existing sub-base materials; installation of new storm drainage piping and collection structures; installation of new outdoor recessed teaching pavilion; installation of new concrete and asphalt patching; installation of new planting beds and grass play lawn; and the installation of new custom exterior benches and raised organic play dig zone.


Culliton Quinn Landscape ArchitectsDesign of both the master plan and Phase I project has been graciously donated by the local landscape architecture firm Culliton Quinn.  Brian Culliton and his family are residents of the neighborhood and his desire to design unique urban spaces, coupled with the vision and talents of his business partner, Tony Quinn, has been valued greatly by Friends of Pritzker.

Construction is anticipated to commence shortly!

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