Playthings: Artist / Retail Match

2011 Playthings Map/Address Postcard


Playthings Auction Date  May 21, 2011

This is the online version of this year’s postcard that will be found in all participating retailers (and other Wicker Park/ Bucktown locations), as well as going home with each student.  On the postcard you will see all retailers and their addresses.  Below is a list which pairs retailers and artists.  I hope you enjoy these sunny days and take a walk to see first hand all the great Playthings!


As of May 11, 2011

DIVISION Store Artist
1 Alliance Bakery Mig Rod (award winner)
2 Elevenzees Francine Niemic
3 Greenheart Holly Samuelson
4 Real Naked Food C. Rosenberg, Linda Schmidt (blocks)
5 New’d Kurt Hunt, Rappe (wood)
6 Renegade Handmade Mig Rod (handy)
7 Grow Betsy Williams
8 Janik’s Cafe John Nussbaum
9 Doggy Style Building Blocks (jack)
10 Paper Doll Rebecca Kaufman, Linda Schmidt (poetry)
11 Bullfrogs & Butterflies Mindy Viamontes, Lety Murray
12 Building Blocks Toys Hans Agard, Dan/Melissa Mendoza
13 Letizia’s Natural Bakery Building Blocks (balloon)


MILWAUKEE Store Artist
14 Eye Want Laura Hunt
15 Lenny and Me David Strong, McPherson
16 Una Mae’s Jake Peterson
17 Silver Room Kick Bike, Ashley Pacifico, Sadie Strong
18 Red Hen Pritzker Students Blocks, Rappe (colors)


DAMEN Name Artist
19 Goddess & Grocer Jennifer Burak
20 Belly Dance Pritzker Student Easel
21 Psychobaby Michael Greeby, Syble Wasilowski
22 Stitch S. Smith, P. Somers, S. Schwaiger
23 T-Shirt Deli Myra Mazzei
24 MCM Framing Thomas Wasilowski, Heather Strong


NORTH Store Artist
25 Birchwood Kitchen Chris Jennings


ARMITAGE Store Artist
26 Cat n Mouse Mendoza, H. Agard


NOTE: If your name is in bold, your Plaything has not been delivered.  (Marx Plaything to go to Myopic Books, pending their approval.)

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