Direct Ask for the Auditorium

This year’s Friends of Pritzker direct ask campaign will raise money for fine and performing arts at the school. Our first focus will be to upgrade the sound system for the 400 seat auditorium to make it state of the art. If you attended the piano recitals in December you may have noticed that they did not use the built in sound system, but instead used three plug in amplifiers. This is a good example of why we a some improvement is needed.

There are a few reasons that the sound system doesn’t get used.  The built in system is too complicated for most in the school to use. You have to have some apprentice time on the sound board to make it work. Also the sound from the current system is very bad in the first 5 rows. The speakers are loud, but they point to the back and past the first rows. We have a lot of sound bouncing around because of the brick walls. We are getting quotes to improve the speakers, add mics that can be shifted to work for plays, music performances, or speeches. There are controllers that can be set to each of these profiles to make setting up the sound board much easier. We will also make sure that the space can be used by the church next door and others who may rent the space since this is a fundraiser for the school.

In future phases we will work to expand the visiting artist program which brings artists into the school to work with the kids. This has been a hit with the kids in the past.

We will also look into building better rooms for dance and drama including a rehearsal space/studio space in the back of the stage area. The idea to have a moveable floor along with mirrors and barres. We would also need to remove some of the items stored behind the stage.

As background, this is the third year that Friends of Pritzker has raised money through the direct ask campaign. The first year raised enough to renovate the science lab. In the second year we were able to purchase an iPad cart for the library as well as the listening library and leveled library for K-3.

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