Literacy Campaign Update

The Literacy campaign has three phases.

  • The first is the leveled library that lives in the fishbowl. This is already in place
  • The second is the library laptop cart.  This was purchased in Q4 of 2012.
  • The third phase is the focused on library space refurbishment. This is an active project that will continue into 2013.

Space refurbishment status:

  • The committee met during the Fall semester with parents in who work in design. They also met with Dr. Reese and Ms. Z.  Based on these meetings, the design elements to include in the project are identified.
  • The plan includes getting different tables, more shelving, stools to accommodate K-8 and relocate the projection and changing the circulation desk and the bells whistles, some fun things sprucing up on the walls e.g. a wall of international clocks.  Theme is reading can take you anywhere in the world you want to go.  Above the east wall will be a graphic with literary terms.  There will be a bank of mailboxes. And also a comfortable reading zone, floor cushions etc.
  • During Spring semester vendors will be evaluated.
  • Target is to get the work done over the Summer and to have it completed by Fall 2013.
  • HS is looking for someone to help with a workshop to work on three of the design elements.
  • The committee asked to release some of project money to pay for sample chairs and other items for the design team to evaluate. Also there is a price from a CPS contractor to get rid of the power pole and we have a quote from them to remove and give some outlets.
  • As details are solidified we will publicize the design and put it on display.
  • During our December meeting the board voted to release $3k for the committee to use for initial work on the library and construction expenses for library renovation.  An account was established at PNC for the library work.

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