Auditorium Sound System

Our Direct Ask fundraiser for the 2012-2013 school year raised money to improve the A N Pritzker School Auditorium sound system. Together we met our goal of raising $20,000. We also worked really hard and got the sound system improvements installed in time for the Aladdin performances!

The system is much easier to use than the prior system (with the push of one button, the system is ready) and sounds good. We have new mixer boards, new stage hanging mics, revised speaker placement, new wireless mics and more. Our contractor held a training session with Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Reese, and “sound system-intelligent” parents of Pritzker students (Adam Petlin, Tom Arvetis, Mike Levine).

As with any new system, we will need to work through some kinks and get comfortable with it over time. Dr. Jenkins used the new system in Aladdin rehearsals next week and for the May shows. Dr. Reese intends to use it in upcoming assemblies and other events in the auditorium. It should be much easier to hear speakers during orientation in August. We expect the new speakers and equipment will make the auditorium a much more enjoyable for space for all of its uses.

A big thank you again to each of you for your efforts in making the auditorium sound system updates happen. Additionally, a special thank you to Deb Roseen for her countless hours leading the Direct Ask campaign, and to Adam Petlin, Mike Levine, Tom Arvetis and Sean Maloney (our “sound system-intelligence”) for their time and expertise advising us throughout this process to date and over the next few months as we integrate the system into the regular use of the auditorium.

Following are a few pictures from the plays. These are were taken at three of the four shows and are roughly by scene.

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