2013 Community Art Project – Visiting Artist Week

Excitement is building for Visiting Artist Week, the first activity in the 2013 Pritzker Community Arts Project. This year 16 artists will be visiting Pritzker classrooms. We have a record 28 classes participating (including 2 pre-school classes and for the first time, a Spanish class). Most exciting, perhaps, is the addition of an art field trip; where we are taking 2 classrooms to an art studio for a workshop. We hope to make this a yearly addition which allows our students to experience art forms that require special out-of-school equipment.

Below is a brief list of what is in store for each individual classroom. Careful planning has gone into each class project and where possible it will tie into your “Time Machine” focus era. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggests.

Visiting Artist Week Plan

Also below is a schedule for the other activities in our 2013 Community Arts Project. Details the later events will come shortly.

We hope you and your students enjoy this experience!


Heather Strong, Elizabeth Bielke, & Ms. Schwartz


2013 Community Art Project Playbill


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