David Hernandez – In Memoriam


Poet and teacher: Mr. David Hernandez 1946-2013

On March 18, 2013, a memorial service was held in the A N Pritzker Auditorium for David Hernandez, giving us all an opportunity to remember David’s life. Thank you to all who attended.

During the service students and teachers shared poems to commemorate his impact on student life at Pritzker. Several of those are captured below.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family and friends, especially his wife and daughter.


TIME MACHINE by David Hernandez

I wish I were a time machine
So I could go back in time
On that fateful day
To give a warning
Of what was soon to come

So I could say one last goodbye
To tell him how much we would miss him
And how grateful we are that we met him
And had him as a teacher

So I could bring something I made
That he had wanted to see finished
But sometimes…..
Things don’t work out
The way you want them to

So we could have one more class with him
Learn a few more things
Hear his laugh one more time
Listen to his voice
Giggle at his jokes

So we could snap one last photo of hime
And save it in our memories forever
And take it out
Whenever we miss him
And treasure it


By Lee, Grade 4

Mr. Hernandez a beautiful sight,
Mr. Hernandez as bright as the lights
Mr. Hernandez a wonderful man,
I wish I could see him again and again.

As I still say this my heart is with sorrow,
And I still think that I will see him tomorrow
As we will miss him again and again,
Our many adventures will never really end.


by Mrs. Chapman

Mr. Hernandez.
You came into our classroom every Tuesday at 10 am.
You always brought your smile but you sometimes forgot your pen.
Mr. Hernandez.
You taught my students all about metaphors and similes.
By the time that you were done, they wrote some wonderful poetry.
Mr. Hernandez.
We’ll never forget your laughs, your smiles, or your corny jokes.
You’d tell me that you’d like this poem, even though it’s the worst I ever wrote!
Mr. Hernandez.


By Jeremy

I’m sad that Mr. Hernandez passed away. I know what it is like for someone to pass like that . He was so smart, cool and amazing. I would love to have him as a brother. He was not just my poetry teacher he was my friend and I love him.


By Joanna

Does a lot of poems
Very smart
Does some music


By Maya

Mr. Hernandez was a funny and nice poetry teacher. We only had Mr. Hernandez for about 5 weeks only on Thursdays. I was sad when he passed away, but we at least had him for poetry. He was the best poetry teacher ever.


By Keenan

Families fight debate but
They still love each other
No matter what
Through hard times
We have hope and faith
We never give up
We give help when needed
Help family when down
Respect others’ feelings

poetry bench

Poetry benches designed by David Hernandez, Mrs. Schwartz and Pritzker students


poetry bench 2

Poetry benches designed by David Hernandez, Mrs. Schwartz and Pritzker students


By Christian


Belize smells like giant barracudas swallowing boats,
Belize tastes like Iguanas sitting on rocks staring at you,
Belize feels like the sun setting on your shoulder,
Belize sounds like fruit bats hanging upside down munching on bits of mangos,
Belize looks like cuddle fish, ready to cuddle you to the bottom of the ocean.



I wish I was a shining cloud full of ideas so I could share the ideas to inspire people to create something to help with a problem or to just stand out and make a difference.

David promoted poetry writing and reading

David promoted poetry writing and reading


By Courtney

I wish that I could stretch my body to an island made out of chocolate and cotton candy and my parents wouldn’t find out.


By William

SCHOOL: An Acrostic

from Houses
tO get


By Teddy, 3rd grade

I wish I was a giant volanco spotting out money for the poor. I would erupt golden treasure to the poor so they could get a house and have a good life.


By Caden

I wish I was a 2,000,000 mile long ocean protecting animals from being fished, hunted or killed for sport.



Skating around
Kicking back
Athletic sport
Takes Practice
hElps you exercise
Boarding is awesome
Over the ramp
hAlf pipe
Riding away
Dealing with cuts


By Malin

Dedicated to Mr. Hernandez and his family

Were one of my
Most favorite teachers I
Have ever had.
I wish
You could come back to say goodbye.
To me.
Your family.
Our whole class.
Everybody in the whole school.
I wish
You could come back
To teach the whole school
Just 1 more class of Poetry
You made my day when you said,
You are my favorite 3rd graders.
And we said
We are 6th and 5th graders!
I’m sad you are gone.
We will miss you forever.
Mr. Hernandez. Goodbye.


David Hernandez and Street Sounds

David Hernandez and Street Sounds


By Taylor

He took you away,
Oh why, oh why we say,
But I know that you’re in a better place.

You made me laugh,
You made me smile,
I’m so sad that you can’t stay for a while.

You left your family behind,
And you left us too,
We’ll keep the smile on our faces,
Because we know who’s with you.

May our love still be with you,
Every day and every night.
We love you more and more
Wishing you could still hold us tight.


By Zariah

They say don’t cry,
You’re in a better place now.
But it is hard not to.
We think of you every minute of the day.
When they told us you were gone,
We all started crying,
But your spirit still flows through the air.

We can still feel you everywhere.
Everyday we will miss you teaching
and telling us your funny jokes.
You always told us to speak loud and clear.
But now we can’t because you are not here.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy.
We have to believe in God and everything will be alright.



My image of Heaven is

a silEnt river

with tAll pine trees

cool winds, fresh air, Vibrating, soundless

pure, ripplEs and the

sweet soNg of birds.



My Imagination is beyond anyone’s belief
including My own belief because it makes anything
possible and it is so Amazing that I can barely control it,
it has a Great power; a power no one can stop
It is becoming my life as it grows bigger
and better each day its kNown to many people as only a myth or
legend it is scAry though amazing…most of the
time, The scary part is that everyone wants it, good
or evil…the fact I’m beIng hunted for t, each it just gets
scarier, they don’t stop thOugh it is amazing because I can to the
impossible with it….No one else can even control it, that is why
I’m special. I am free.


By Jaelyn

iS a
frieNd and the
sIster in the world.

Miracle and I cost money is what my Mom said.

A lot of

Everyone loves her super

Grumpy old
tRoll is a
nAsty person
that is Not my
GranDma , she is
And kind.

Jealously is
bAd that’s why
JaElyn is not
jeaLous of

rOugh and
Happy and
hElping I love my
So much.

and the rest of my famiLy are
happY campers!

Limited edition posters of David Hernandez’s poetry as visualized by various artists and a memorial CD will be available for sale to establish an education fund for David’s daughter.

More information on purchasing the posters and CD is available here


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