Visiting Artist Week – Kindergarten with Jen Petersen

The theme for this year’s community art project was Time Machines. Each grade studied a period in time and created artwork representative of that time. The kindergarteners did the biggest jump. They studied the Lascaux Caves, estimated to be 17,000 year old. They have been making cave art paintings in Ms Schwartz’s class. Following is one of the cave art pieces. Ms Schwartz has a Flickr page with others here.


Cave painting

During visiting artists week a student volunteer from the eighth grade read “If the Dinosaurs Came Back” to Ms Galvin’s class, and then the kids created several art pieces. Everyone got to use stencils to trace dinosaurs onto a paper and then paint a dinosaur scene with water colors. At another station they wrote about what would happen if the dinosaurs came back and drew a picture of that, and they took turns going to Ms Maller’s room to paint two prehistoric animals each on the walls of a 3D cave.

Jen Petersen was the visiting artist for Ms Galvin’s room. Everyone took turns working with Jen to create dinosaur paintings using pointalism. Each student mixed their own paint color, wrote their name on the piece, and then added a few points to a dinosaur plus one point next to their name. These dinosaur paintings are on display at Bucktown Music (1890 N Milwaukee) and also at Children’s Dentistry (1611 N Wolcott) until we auction them off at our Time Machine Party on May 10.

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