2013 Community Art Project

Thank you to our professional artists, visiting artists, and parent helpers who made our 2013 Community Art Project a success!!!

During May each classroom worked with a visiting artist on an art project. We have a few pictures of the sessions here:

Visiting Artists Week – Ms Galvin’s Kindergarten with Jen Petersen

Visiting Artists Week – Fifth Grades at Ignite Glass

Visiting Artists Week – Seventh and Eigth Grades with Wesley Kimler


We received several donations from professional artists. You can find an interview that Brooke Millar did with Cynthia Prokop, one of our local artists here:

Why do artists love Wicker Park? Local artist Cynthia Prokop gave us her perspective


Pieces from the 2013 community art project were displayed at Wicker Park Bucktown retailers from April 23 until our Time Machine Party on May 10. Here  are some pictures of the pieces:


All of the artwork was then assembled in a one night gallery show at Ignite Glass Studios for our Time Machine Auction Party. We have a few pictures of the event here:

CAP Retailers 2013


Student Art Pieces
grade teacher visiting artist project location address
K Ms. Mallars Chuck Jones painted wood blocks Elevensees 1901 W. Division
K Ms. Galvin Jennifer Petersen color & name study with dinosaurs Bucktown Music & Childrens Dentistry 1890 N. Milwaukee & 1611 N. Wolcott
K Miss Wilson Al Piedra / Jack Dogs dinosaur collages MCM Framing 2019 N. Damen
Pre K Ms. Russell Ms. Russell cave drawing murals 826CHI/ Boring Store (after May 1) 1331 N. Milwaukee
1 Mrs. Schultz Catie Olson what would cave art postcards look like? 826CHI/ Boring Store (after May 1) 1331 N. Milwaukee
1 Mrs. Endzel Catie Olson our version of ancient chinese canvases Easel Art Studio 1911 N. Milwaukee
1 Mrs. Meier Brooke Millar block prints of middle ages imagery Janik’s Café 2011 W Division
2 Ms. Waller Heather Strong create our own tapestry Red Hen Bakery 1623 N. Milwaukee
2 Ms. Davis R. Lessem/ T. Shumaker story quilt/ retro class photograph Building Blocks 2130 W. Division
3 Ms. Fromm Donald Jackson self portraits and triptych Una Mae’s 1528 N Milwaukee
3 Ms. Gonzalez Heather Strong hieroglyph & papyrus works Art n Spirits 1921 N. Damen
3 Ms. Pfister Timothy Shumaker photography window project TBD
4 Ms. Black Scott Rappe architecture: skyscraper drawings Stitch 1723 N. Damen
4 Ms. Chapman Scott Rappe architecture: skyscraper drawings Bucktown Wicker Park Library 1701 N. Milwaukee
4 Ms. Parker Carol Tarnoff clay time machine tiles Lubinski Furniture 1550 N. Milwaukee
5 Veal / Reed Ignite Studio fused glass tiles Virtu 2034 N. Damen
5&6 Ms. Guajardo Heather Strong a study of joan miro` Purple Monkey Playroom 2040 N. Western/Armitage
6 Ms. Pagany Lety Murray / Mig Rod illustrated philosophy: the little prince Bucktown Wicker Park Library 1701 N. Milwaukee
6 Mr. Weissbuch C. Rosenberg / Kate Tans tank compositions The Silver Room 1442 N. Milwaukee
6 Ms. Willis Heather Strong vintage automobile prints Transit Tees 1371 N. Milwaukee
7 Ms. Wehrli Paul Somers shopping cart: line drawings Psychobaby 1630 N. Damen
7 Miss Basurto Paul Somers shopping cart: line drawings Spex 1407 N. Milwaukee
7 Mrs. Thornton Paul Somers shopping cart: line drawings Alliance Bakery 1736 W. Division
8 Bester / Schauer Wesley Kimler de kooning: charcoal drawing Wicker Park Commons 1279 N. Milwaukee


Professional Art Donations

artist location address
Alfonso Nieves Ruiz Las Palmas 1835 W North Ave
Anne Hansen Belly Dance 1647 N. Milwaukee
Bethanne Mauch Belly Dance Tangerine 1647 N. Milwaukee
Cathy Bruni 1719 N. Damen
Chris Walvoord Transit Tees 1371 N. Milwaukee
Christopher Santiago Stitch 1723 N. Damen
Cynthia Prokop Elevensees 1901 W. Division
Diane Christiansen Goddess & Grocer 1901 W. Division
Holly Samuelson Clothes Minded 1735 N. Damen
Ignite Glass Studios Virtu 2034 N. Damen
Laura Junge Jackson Junge Gallery 1389 N. Milwaukee
Matt Kupritz Stitch 1723 N. Damen
Mike Winn Cat n Mouse 2212 W. Armitage
Thomas O’Gorman Paper Doll 2048 W. Division
Thomas Wasilowski Love and Pieces 1431 N. Milwaukee
Wesley Kimler Eye Want 2048 W. Division


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Printable References:

What we did – List of classroom projects

Where to see student art – List of display locations

Where to see donated pieces – List of display locations

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