More Usable Green Space at Pritzker 

Can you believe it used to look like this!

More Usable Green Space at Pritzker 

The summer of 2017 was time to start making our school yard beautiful!  With our Play on Pritzker campaign to create a new outdoor play space in progress, we started the project with our green space!

Many hours were logged to transform our green area into a usable, open and beautiful space.  The fence came down and it all started!  Immediately, this area was destined to be something more!  Thanks to one of our parents of Pritzker, Ernie Estela for donating his companies time and energy to get this fence down.

We hired a landscaper to work on our plan.  Letty’s Landscaping was onsite for over a month working long hours in the heat creating our new space.  Members of the Friends of Pritzker Committee helped out with watering, fence building, painting, moving picnic tables and adding finishing touches to the area.

This is just the beginning to where our fundraising will take our outdoor play space!  Please continue to support our Play on Pritzker campaign by donating, participating, volunteering and sharing any contacts you have in the corporate world or with foundations or groups that may align with our project and donate. What can you do to help make this dream come alive?


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