Pretty Darn Awesome Pancakes and Pretty UP events!

A fun and successful saturday with the Friends of Pritzker committees annual Pancake breakfast and Pretty UP Pritzker events.  Pancake sales doubled from last years event as we raised over $2000!

Pritzker parents and kids were not the only ones eating stacks and sausages.  Several seniors from the retirement home across the street, neighbors and passers by came in to enjoy breakfast.

The Pretty Up part was just as busy with several Pritzker families joining in to rake, trim, tidy, wipe, water, paint and clean up rubbish.  The kids were eager to help and parents happy to share their time to help make our school shine a little brighter.

“These two events together is something we look forward to every year to donate our time to the school” said one parent.   “Eat some pancakes and sausages and get to work!”

Thank you to everyone who helped make the breakfast happen – organizers, shoppers, flyer makers, ticket sellers, pancake flippers, fruit cutters, coffee pourers and food servers.  We also had help from the local church group which we greatly appreciate.  

Thank you to the places that donated to the event: La Colombe cafe, Stanley’s Fruit Market, Fresh Thyme and Cold Brew Coffee Co.  

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