Health Week Continues

We are thrilled to continue into our second day of the health week and welcome the below instructors and presenters.

Yoga instruction and guided meditation by Stephanie Taiber.

In classroom presentation on added sugar in foods by Dr. Jacob Smith.

Mr. Abdallah Clark from Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation will present on chess and its benefit on the brain.

Conflict Management Strategies by Erin Hagerty, Psy.D. of Michelle Cutler & Associates.

Presentation on Emotional Regulation Strategies by Angie Rush, LCSW of Michelle Cutler and Associates.

Healthy Feelings: How to Express Your Feelings by Sara Heidbreder, M.A., R-DMT, GL-CMA.

Kung Fu instruction by Master Jing Chao Wu with Bei Dou Kung Fu.

Michelle Amore owner of Precision Human Performance will present how Math, science, technology, and physics are a part of the fitness profession.

Dr. Christine Rosenkrantz, D.C. of Wrigleyville Chiropractic & Massage, Ltd.  will present on Technology and Posture.

Dance instruction by Jamie Brunson. 

Presentation on Mindfulness by Dr. Martha Mason, Ed.D., LCPC of DePaul University’s Educational & Counseling Center. You can see her on WGN at:

Presentation on Food Chain and Food Miles activities and comparisons on market items vs. grocery items  by Kathleen Williams, Operations ManagerGreen City Market.

Guest yoga instructor from Mission Propelle to lead 102 in the gym class.

Presentation on The brain, spinal cord, and how messages are sent through the body (central nervous system), How chiropractors are able to help improve this connection. Things that can make the connection worse (stress, physical trauma, chemical stress), Posture, Back pack position by Dr Brittany Guelzow with Community Chriopractic.

“I’m too busy: tips for feeling your best when life get’s hectic” presentation by Matthew Champa.

Read more on our guests bios of health week speakers on Tuesday.

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