State of the Art Computer Lab – 2014

Each year, Pritzker School families, administration, and teachers pull together and raise money to enhance the educational opportunities of each and every student at our school.  In 2014, we tackled a very important resource for our students and teachers: SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY.


Computers and other technology are critical to our students’ learning opportunities.  Not only do our students test on school computers, they learn to explore their worlds through these resources and prepare themselves for the future.  It is essential our students keep pace and continue to learn how to use technology to further their education.


  • Over 7oo Pritzker students use the Computer Lab each week
  • Our Computer Lab houses one of the BEST STOCK MARKET TEAMS IN THE STATE?!
  • Computer applications do not only enhance core subject matter.   Applications in MUSIC and ART are endless!  Dr. Jenkins could help students take Music Theory to a new level!  Mrs. Schwartz could aid students in  researching art and artists, learn the art of creating movies, videos and stop motion animation to name a few!
  • Many students primary access to technology is during their school day at Pritzker
  • 84% of people say computers are ESSENTIAL to their job

What we accomplished:  

  • Replaced the old computers in the Computer Lab
  • Increased the number of working computers in classrooms
  • Equip teachers with technology tools for their classrooms
  • Enhanced the education of 700+ students who now have technology in their learning environment

How can you help? Donate to this years annual campaign

  • $20 Buys building supplies
  • $50 Buys learning materials for five kids
  • $100 Buys 2 hours of labor for construction
  • $250 buy technology for one student
  • $500 Buys  furniture for a classroom of 25

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