Library Redesign & Technology Center – 2013

During 2011 and 2012 Friends of Pritzker focused its fundraising on a Campaign for Literacy and renovated the 2nd floor school library.

Why the library?

  • Students need access to research technology and literature
  • 645 Pritzker students spend time weekly in our school’s library
  • Chicago Public Library has cut student access to neighborhood libraries
  • Teachers desire to have access to  a “leveled” library to improve curriculum

What is a “leveled” library?

A leveled library is a reading and writing system that challenges both accelerated readers and emerging readers.  With it, teachers can communicate complex subject matter tailored to each student’s reading level.

The leveled library approach was created after researching student learning.  It is currently being used successfully in 15 states across the country.  Our TEACHERS endorse it!!  For more information, talk to your teacher.

 “Not all children in the same grade read at the same level (or at their grade level)… If Pritzker had a Leveled Library, teachers could check out the books they need based on each child’s needs, which would allow each student to be and feel successful as a reader.  A Leveled Library would allow me to teach to every student on their instructional level.

“Once we know where the child is, we can better instruct him/her using “just right” books.  Materials will gradually increase in difficulty as students make progress.  I am VERY excited about this for all of these reasons!  I hear wonderful things about how it helps both the teachers and students.”
Sari Schultz – A.N. Pritzker Kindergarten Teacher

What we accomplished:

  • Upgrade Library Technology.   32 iPads with an iPad cart.
  • Purchased Leveled Library Systems for grades K – 3
  • Upgrade materials for Special Education teachers.  Including 4 iPads dedicated to our Special Education Listening Library.
  • Gave the library a “facelift” with new tables, chairs, projector.  Increased book shelving by 40% and added a new circulation desk and book drop off!
  • Created a learning space unique to our school. The redesigned space was themed  “READING IS THE ENDLESS ADVENTURE!”  The library is home to clocks from world time zones, bouncy seats for the “active” readers, mailboxes, and more books.
  • Added computers for research,  seating,  shelving, and more books!

Campaign for Literacy benefits to Pritzker students:

  • Materials to help improve reading skills at all levels
  • Increased access to literature at our school
  • Listening library for emergent readers in primary grades and special needs programs
  • Increased tools for research tools for upper grade levels
  • New library design with a multi-functional learning space

 How can you help? Donate to this years annual campaign

  • $20 Buys building supplies
  • $50 Buys learning materials for five kids
  • $100 Buys 2 hours of labor for construction
  • $250 buy technology for one student
  • $500 Buys  furniture for a classroom of 25

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